These regulations are attached at the entrance and inside the campsite in order to advise Guests upon arrival. Guests must accept these regulations, without reservations, upon entry into the campsite.

Art. 1 - Access to the campsite
• It is obligatory to be in possession of the Management’s authorisation in order to enter the campsite.
• Upon arrival, every person must provide the Management with a valid document of identity for registration in accordance with the law (failure to observe this norm is a penal violation).
• Minors are not allowed to enter the campsite unless they are accompanied by a legally responsible adult.
• Access and/or presence in the campsite by unauthorised persons is a violation of Public Safety Regulations, of Article 614 of the Italian Penal Code (breaking and entering), of Article 633 of the Italian Penal Code (trespassing on land and buildings), of Article 624 of the Italian Penal Code (theft of services) and constitutes the offence of contractual fraud.
• Access and exit from the campsite are permitted only through the special entry ways; it is severely prohibited to climb over the campsite perimeter fences.

Art. 2 - Minimum Stay
• The minimum stay at the campsite is indicated on the price list.

Art. 3 - Registrazione
• Il Cliente è tenuto a controllare l'esattezza delle registrazioni, a segnalare alla direzione ogni discordanza ed a notificare preventivamente le variazioni, quali il cambio della piazzola, l'arrivo e la partenza di persone.

Art. 4 - Limited number of persons per pitch
• It is absolutely prohibited to exceed the registered number of persons per pitch.

Art. 5 - Choice of pitches and their use
• The pitches are assigned by the Management and must be respected; it is prohibited to make unauthorised moves; in the event there are valid reasons, the company may order the movement of camping vehicles to another pitch.
• All equipment must be kept in order within the space of the pitch; vehicles must be parked within the limits of the pitch, or must be parked in a parking area indicated by the Management.

Art. 6 - Electricity
• Electric hook-up must be authorised by the Management; it must be made in a safe manner as defined by law – namely: the connection cable must be an N1VVK (blue fireproof) with a minimum diameter of 3 x 1.5 mm, without joints. Outdoor lamps may not be installed if they do not have IP65 protection and all utilisations must have a ground connection. The Management declines any responsibility for hook-ups with defective cables or equipment.
• Electricity is distributed with a maximum intensity of 6 Amps.
• It is absolutely prohibited to tamper in any way with the electric plant.
• At the end of their period of stay, Guests must turn off the electric contact with the special switch located on the column.

Art. 7 - Water and Dump Facilities
• Use of water and dump facilities must be authorised by the Management.
• Use of water and dump facilities is permitted only in the summer period.
• The Management is not responsible for this service and for any damage to persons or property.

Art. 8 - Allacciamento GPL
• L'allacciamento al contatore del GPL, deve essere autorizzato dalla direzione, e deve essere effettuato e certificato secondo le normative vigenti ed eseguito ad opera d'arte dalla ditta specializzata incaricata dalla direzione.
• Al termine di ogni periodo di soggiorno l'utente dovrà chiudere la propria valvola al contatore.
• La direzione non é in alcun modo responsabile del servizio, degli allacci e di eventuali danni a cose e/o a persone.

Art. 9 - Miscellaneous Facilities
• Heating in toilets and showers comes on in the morning and evening, from the 1st of November to Easter Sunday, unless other provisions are made by the Management.
• The “summer” baths and outdoor fountains will be used from the beginning of June until the end of September, unless other provisions are made by the Management.
• The Management requests Guests using hygienic facilities to behave in as polite and civil a manner as possible.
• Barbecues are installed at the campsite and are available for use by all Guests. They may also use their own barbecues, providing they are mobile units and are kept at a proper distance from LPG plants and gas cylinders, that suitable means are kept at hand to extinguish any fires and that Guests ensure they are not disturbing their neighbours. It is not permissible to light fires or use free flames.
• Waste must be differentiated (glass, plastic, paper and non-differentiated) and deposited in the special rubbish skips situated in the ecological area in front of reception.

Art. 10 - Departure
• Guests’ departures must take place within 1:00 p.m. If Guests stay beyond this term they will be required to pay an extra day.

Art. 11 - Visitors
• The Management reserves the right to permit the entry of visitors and daytime guests, with a free permit for a short stay and compatibly with the organisational needs of the campsite.
• Successive extension of the stay must be authorised by the Management and visitors will be required to pay the sojourn at list prices.
• Visitors may enter the campsite only on foot and during the daytime hours foreseen.
• Campsite Guests are required to ascertain that their visitors are in possession of an authorisation issued by the Management and are responsible for their conduct at the campsite.

Art. 12 - Pets
• Dogs and other pets will be accepted only upon issue of a special authorisation by the Management.
• Pet owners must keep dogs on a leash, ensure hygiene, be in possession of the relative health booklet showing the pets’ latest vaccinations and must accompany their pets outside the campsite for their needs and, in any case, must use appropriate instruments (small broom and sack).
• Pets may under no circumstances have access to the campsite facilities and may not be left without a custodian or permitted to disturb the other guests.
• Any damages caused to third parties are the complete responsibility of the pet owner.

Art. 13 - Silence and Order
• Any conduct, activity, games and the use of equipment that may disturb other campsite guests must be avoided.
• In particular, silence must be observed between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. and from 10:30 p.m. to 08:00 a.m.
• Guests may not transit by car from 10:30 p.m. to 08:00 a.m. During these hours, the entrance to the campsite will be closed and may be opened only in the event of emergency.

Art. 14 - Vehicle Traffic
• All vehicles may be used only to enter and exit the campsite during authorised hours, at walking speed and in respect of the signs.

Art. 15 - Children
• Adults are responsible for the conduct of their children, whose vivacity, manners and needs cannot take priority over the peace and quiet, safety and hygiene of the other guests.
• Children must be accompanied by their parents when using the hygienic facilities.
• Use of the playground by children is permitted only under the surveillance of an adult.

Art. 16 - Prohibitions. It is absolutely forbidden:
• to throw rubbish outside the special containers;
• to dig holes or channels in the ground, make modifications to the terrain, cultivate gardens, flower beds, pave the area, create boundaries with fencing, hedges or similar contrivances;
• to light fires in the open;
• to damage the vegetation;
• to pour oil, fuel, boiling liquid, salty liquid or waste onto the ground;
• to empty the water drain and WC chemicals, except in the expressly indicated sites;
• to wash your car or other vehicles in the campsite;
• to wash dishes and clothing anywhere except in the special wash basins;
• to wash or bathe in the campsite fountains;
• to waste or use water improperly;
• to set up fences, shade canvases, tie or anchor any equipment to plants, string cords at the height of a man and install any other material that could be a potential danger or which could be a hindrance to free passage;
• to deposit anything underneath the camping vehicles and/or entranceways;
• to use electric heating in the camping vehicles and/or entranceways.

Art. 17 - Preingressi
• Secondo quanto previsto dalla deliberazione di Giunta regionale n. 4513/02 è consentita l'installazione di preingressi in legno, annessi ai mezzi mobili di pernottamento e facilmente scomponibili in elementi di dimensioni tali da risultare agevolmente trasportabili dalla vettura di traino o all'interno dei mezzi mobili, che non superino i mq 5 di superficie netta coperta chiusa e di altezza non superiore a 20 cm rispetto al mezzo al quale sono annessi. È consentita altresì la presenza di terrazzini in legno, quali elementi di completamento estetico e funzionale, posti in aderenza ai preingressi, facilmente scomponibili e trasportabili, il cui ingombro massimo non superi quello del mezzo al quale sono annessi e di superficie aperta complessiva non superiore a mq 3. La tettoia deve essere di colore marrone c.d. "noce scuro"

Art. 18 - Tettoie
• È consentito montare direttamente sul proprio mezzo di soggiorno tettoie in lamiera che devono essere di colore marrone c.d. "noce scuro" oppure tettoie di apposito tessuto di color bianco. Le tettoie devono essere smontabili, non ancorate al suolo e non devono sporgere dalla sagoma del mezzo mobile su cui sono posate.

Art. 19 - Lost Articles
• Articles found in the campsite must be delivered to the Management for fulfilment of legal requirements.

Art. 20 - Responsibilities
• The use of sports equipment and equipment for entertainment is at the risk of the user.
• The Management is not responsible for the theft of objects of value that are not entrusted to the Management and accepted for custody.
• The Management will not be held responsible for damage caused by other Guests, by force majeure, natural calamities, insects, sickness and epidemics, even caused by plants or having other causes, which are not due to the negligence of the campsite personnel.
• Any interruption in electricity and water supply, or in any other camping facilities, due to breakdown or force majeure, entails no commitment by the Management to compensate for damages or to reimburse Guests in any way.

Art. 21 - Caratteristiche dei mezzi
• All'interno del campeggio possono sostare i soli mezzi autonomi di pernottamento idonei alla circolazione, secondo le disposizioni vigenti in materia. I mezzi che non rispondono alle caratteristiche prescritte devono essere rimossi entro quindici giorni dall'accertamento della violazione, a cura e a spese del proprietario del veicolo.
• Sono vietati gli allacciamenti e gli ancoraggi al suolo che determinino di fatto modifiche non prontamente reversibili dell'inderogabile carattere di mobilità dei mezzi di soggiorno presenti all'interno del complesso ricettivo all'aperto.

Art. 22 - Periodi di chiusura
• La direzione comunicherà con almeno 60 giorni di anticipo, con affissione in loco, i periodi di chiusura annuale non superiori complessivamente a 90 giorni ai sensi della L. R. 8/2002 art. 8. In tali periodi le unità abitative potranno stazionare in loco ma non potranno essere utilizzate.

Art. 23 - Expulsion, Removal, Interruption
• The Management reserves the right to expel any Guests who, in their judgement, violate the regulations or, in any case, disturb the harmony and spirit of the campsite, damage the good conduct of community life and its overall interests.
• Guests who have already been expelled may not regain access to the campsite unless they have received a specific new authorisation form the Management.
• Guests’ stay at the campsite is understood to have been interrupted by law in the event of force majeure, by order to the authorities or for any necessary structural modifications. In these cases, Guests will have the right to be reimbursed for payments already made relative to the camping period they were not able to stay, with the exclusion of any other compensation.

Art. 24 - Variations
• Any variations to the regulations will be communicated with a notice on the bulletin board and will be effective immediately.