The campsite is located in an ideal site for Alpine nature lovers: in fact, most of the Great St. Bernard Valley is quite intact.
The considerable altitude of much of the territory, the difficult access to the slopes and the careful management and protection of the territory, in fact, have favoured the presence of a wild flora and fauna that can rarely be observed elsewhere.
There are roebucks, deer, rock goats, chamois, marmots, jack hares, squirrels and a few large foxes.
Various species of predatory birds are present and, with a bit of luck, you can see a couple of eagles circling about
In the autumn you can easily hear the din of a battle between bucks, just a few metres away from your pitch.
Excursions in the surrounding area will allow you to observe interesting varieties of Alpine flora, from the most well known, such as juniper, whortleberry or Alpine star, to the rarer varieties such as mugwort (from which the famous Valdostan génépy liqueur is made).
Mushroom enthusiasts will be able to find pore mushrooms (Boletus edulis), Chanterelle or Golden chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) mushrooms.
Anyone can collect mushrooms, with some limits on quantities.